About us

SerNet is producer of verinice and works for customers worldwide with offices in Göttingen and Berlin. Please see the SerNet websites for further information. Together with our verinice.PARTNERS  we provide support,consulting, training and development for verinice:

verinice is a tool for managing information security, produced by SerNet. The software is provided under the GPLv3 license. It is available as open source software under GPLv3 licence. This shop offers additional content in order to work most efficient with verinice.

You can use verinice for:

  • establishing, maintaining and improving an ISMS based on ISO 27001
  • assuring the compliance with standards such as ISO 27002, BSI IT-Baseline Security, VDA IS-Assessments and many more
  • performing risk analysis based on ISO 27005
  • auditing, document management, report generation and much more

The verinice client runs on Windows, Linux and Mac OS. The server verinice.PRO runs under CentOS and Red Hat Enterprise Linux.